Well it happened, after four months with our baby he got sick for the first time.  We were dreading this moment, and it was stressful just like we thought it would be.  Now a week later, our little guy is doing better and we can say that we survived. So it is my turn to pass on the knowledge that I learned while nursing our baby back to health.  The biggest piece of advice I can give you is to pretend like your baby is going to get sick tomorrow. This way you are ready for when that day actually comes.  You accomplish this by:

  1. Already being set up as a patient with a pediatrician that you love.
  2. Have the items you will need ready in your home so that you don’t have to run out to the store at the last minute when you could be comforting your child.

Here are some must have items that you will need to have.

Nasal Aspirator

Unfortunately, your little one will not be able to blow their nose.  This will leave them full of snot and unable to get it out.  While nasal aspirators have been around for a long time, the traditional bulb aspirator is not a favorite these days.  Today the NoseFrida is by far more popular.  This aspirator is safer because you actually do not place it inside of your baby’s nose.  While the concept of sucking out snot may seem gross, talk to any mom who has used one and they will explain that it is not what it seems.  There is a filter inside that can be replaced, and it  stops anything from passing into the tube.

Saline Spray

While some days their nose will be dripping snot, there will be others where everything is stuck up there and you have no way to get it out.  This is where saline spray comes in handy.  This can be used a few times a day and it will help to loosen everything up.  A sneeze or a nasal aspirator used after this will help your baby to be able to breathe again.

Cool Mist Humidifier


By keeping a humidifier running in your little one’s room it can help to relieve coughing and congestion.  It is important to use a cool mist humidifier instead of a warm mist one in order to prevent accidental burning.

Boogie Wipes

You are going to be wiping their little nose a lot with all of the boogies that are coming out.  This can really irritate their skin and cause it to hurt and turn red.  Boogie Wipes are gentle and and contain saline, aloe, chamomile, and vitamin E.  These are perfect for sensitive skin.  Your child will also have have some boogies that get dried to their skin.  By using a wet washcloth to wipe them off you also run the risk of irritating their skin.  Let these wipes do their job of cleaning up those dried boogies.


One of the scariest things about your child being sick is the idea that they may run a fever.  In order to be prepared you should have a reliable thermometer on hand.  For babies it is important that you have a rectal thermometer.  When you call a doctor with your concerns they will always ask you how you took their temperature.  For most doctors a rectal temperature is the most accurate and they will ask you for that measurement.  

Baby Tylenol

Baby Tylenol should always be in your home.  You should also know what the proper dosage is for your baby in case a fever rises.  Even if your child does not get a fever they still may be in pain. Unfortunately we do not know when they have a headache or a sore throat, but we do know when they do not feel well.  Make sure to always discuss the dosage and when to give Tylenol with your pediatrician. 

Lots of Love

While you can’t easily buy this online or at the store, you need to make sure you have plenty of love for your baby.  Think about how you feel when you are under the weather.  Your little one has no idea what is happening to them, and if some cuddles from you make them feel better you want to be able to provide that.  For moms who are breastfeeding, make sure to do it as much as possible.  Not only will this keep them hydrated but your breastmilk will actually change if you are nursing to give your child the proper antibodies they need.

Remember, unfortunately all babies do get sick and it is best to be prepared before it happens.

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