As a teacher I love having adorable worksheets and eye catching bulletin boards, but I simply am just not that great at making them. This is why I was so excited to discover Teachers Pay Teachers. Through this website I was able to pay other teachers for their hard work and be able to use their resources.

Once I started teaching for VIPKID I knew that I would see if there were any reward systems that other teachers had created.  There are many different teachers who have great resources on the website.  I wanted to share with you Andrea Mason’s Incentive Rewards.  I also suggest you check out her many different packages she has created.  I just noticed she created an Autumn themed reward package as well!

Using The Reward System 

After I purchased the package I went ahead and printed out three of the rewards to get started. I chose to use the cars, pirates, and superheros first.  After printing them out I used my laminator for each page.  With each background and corresponding pieces laminated with my lamination pouches, I was then able to stick some magnets to the back of them.

I use a simple rectangular cookie sheet that is stuck to my wall using command strips.  I can then simply change out the backgrounds since they are magnetic, and stick the individual pieces to it as the students earn them.

Check out these awesome rewards!

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