How Do I Set Up My VIPKID Classroom?

Congratulations! You were just hired as a VIPKID teacher and now you are ready to set up your classroom.  Or, perhaps you are just starting out the interview process and you want to look prepared for when you are hired.  Either way you need to figure out how you will go about setting up your classroom.  Below are a few pointers as to how to set up a simple classroom in order to get you started with VIPKID.

  • Find a wall or a corner of a room where you would like to set up your desk. Your desk can be whatever or however big you would like.  Keep in mind you are going to need to quickly grab your props, flashcards, or whatever other tools you may want to use.  Make sure that area you are sitting in is well lit in order to avoid shadows on the computer.  If it isn’t bright enough simply plug in a lamp.

  • Find some cute decorations to put up behind your desk.  There are many teachers who have fabulous classrooms (stay tuned as I plan on posting some other their pictures in future blogs), but keep in mind when you are starting off you can keep it simple.  A simple alphabet or poster, and a place to display your rewards can work perfectly.
  • I found it very convenient to have something magnetic against my wall so that I am able to stick up a reward system.  I use a cookie sheet and some command strips to stick mine to the wall.  
  • Be aware that only a small portion of your wall might actually be seen depending on how far away your computer is, so play around with what distance you would like to use.

One of the great things about being a teacher (especially a VIPKID teacher) is that you can change your classroom around anytime you would like.  Feel free to start out simple and as your bookings increase, and you get to know your students better, you can adjust it as you see fit.

Happy Teaching!

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