This post is a little late this month.  It is about a week into October and I have completed my second month with VIPKID.  I like to write these updates for fellow VIPKID teachers who are curious about what is has been like for other teachers, and for potential applicants who are asking themselves “Is VIPKID a scam”?

I first want to take a look at how many classes/students I taught last month compared to this month.

First Month

Here is where you can find my summary of my first month with VIPKID.

Second Month

As you can see during my second month I taught 58 more classes than I did last month.  I credit this to the substitute teacher program, which I ended up loving for so many reasons.  This month I also started to receive a few students who booked me for classes again.  I have to say that has been my favorite thing about VIPKID, building relationships with my students.  Once I have the chance to get to know my students I can focus on their areas of growth.  I am actually able to see how they have been progressing through the lessons.

Last month I described my schedule as a VIPKID teacher.  About halfway through the month I changed my schedule.  This was due to the fact that my son hit his 4 month sleep regression phase and my husband and I were left exhausted.  Here was my schedule for month 2.

My Schedule

6:00 a.m. Wake up, throw on a little bit of makeup if I have the energy, and put in contacts if I am able to open up my eyes wide enough.

6:30 a.m. Teach my first class of the day, usually a new student who I have not taught before.

7:00 a.m. Teach my second class of the day.  Three days a week it is a repeat student and the other two days it is a student who I have not taught before.

7:30 a.m. Feedback is submitted and I am done teaching for the day.

That’s All You Work?

Yes, like I said I simply did not have the energy this month to do more.  I stopped teaching on the weekends so my husband and I could trade off days to sleep in.  If I wanted to I could teach at night, but again SLEEEEEEEEP. Maybe month 3 will be different, maybe it will be the same.  For now I need to make sure I can function in order to take care of my son and myself.

My Advice To Teachers

Invest in a laminator.  This will make your life as a teacher so much easier!  I laminate my reward systems and place magnets on the back.  These easily stick to a cookie sheet that I have hanging on my wall.  I know other teachers who use the laminator for pictures they have printed in order to make the lesson more interactive and fun.

One of my reward systems.

So here is to month 3!  I look forward to hitting my 100th class and finding more students who will become regulars!


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