If you are reading this post you have probably decided that you want to become a VIPKID teacher.  You have taken the time to read about the company, or have seen many of their Facebook ads.  You have thought about how great a work at home opportunity could be, and then probably asked yourself “Is VIPKID a scam?” The great part now is you can breath a sigh of relief because you have realized that VIPKID is not a scam.  It is just a great opportunity to work from home and teach adorable children in China.  You are probably now asking yourself “How do I get hired as a VIPKID teacher?”  The process may seem overwhelming but it is a lot simpler than you may think.  I am going to break down each step of the process for you.

Step 1

Go to the website and create an account.  After your account has been created you can fill out your basic information like you would for any other job application.  When you get to the section about teaching experience, you want to list out ALL your experience you have had with teaching children.  If you are already a teacher, or have been one in the past this should be pretty straight forward for you.  If you are not a teacher, list out any experience you have.  You must have a minimum of one year of teaching, tutoring, or mentoring.

Step 2

You’ll receive an email confirming that you have passed the first stage of the process.  VIPKID is usually very quick with this and will let you know within a few days.  You will then be asked to either record an interview on your computer that they will review later, or you may do a live interview.

At this interview you will introduce yourself and then do a brief 10 minute teaching demo. The entire interview should take no more than 30 minutes. The lesson is provided to you ahead of time so that you may prepare as much as you want.  At the end of this interview you will be given some feedback to apply towards your next stage in the process.

Step 3

Here again you will receive an email (within a few days) letting you know that you have passed the interview and you may begin “Teacher Prep”.  During this step you will be given all the information that you will need to become a great VIPKID teacher.  You will see videos and read about techniques that you can use in the classroom.  At the end you will take a short multiple choice quiz that covers this information.  This quiz can be taken as many times as you need to in order to pass it.

Step 4

Once you have passed the quiz you will be invited to book your Mock class.  For your mock class you will be given a lesson to teach prior to the class (just like the 1st interview).  During the mock class you will teach the lesson (10-15 minutes) and implement any feedback that you received from the first interview.

Step 5 (This is where it gets different)

After your Mock  class one of two things will happen.  Either you will receive an awesome email saying you are now a VIPKID teacher, or you will be invited to a second Mock class.

At the second Mock class you will either be asked to teach a beginning level, or intermediate level class.  Your mock mentor will let you know which they think you will be best at.  Don’t worry once you are a teacher and have gained more experience you can always teach the other level classes if you would like.  If you are doing the second Mock class you will apply the feedback from your first two interviews.  A few days later you will receive and email letting you know if you have become a VIPKID teacher!

While these five steps may seem like a lot, I promise you the process can go as quickly or as slow as you would like.  I personally finished the entire process in about 10 days.  You are welcome to move through it however you would like.

Remember, your first step is easy, just fill out the application online. If you would like help during this interview process from me (teaching tips and suggestions or just to answer some general questions) use my personal referral link and I will be notified that you have applied.  I can contact you and walk you through the process with as much or as little help as you would like.

Good luck and happy teaching!