It is almost Fall, which means soon the weather will start to cool down and everything flavored pumpkin will take over.  Since this will be my first time celebrating Halloween with my son, this year has got me excited to search all around for adorable costumes.  While I still haven’t decided what he will be wearing yet, I wanted to share out some of these cute costumes.


Winter is coming!  How adorable would this outfit be on a little one?! I know I am a sucker for families that have a theme.  Picture three dragons and Khaleesi knocking on your door with an excited “Trick or Treat”.

Wonder Woman

This box office hit has empowered women and young girls everywhere!  This Halloween costume will allow any girl feel like she can conquer the world.

I am Groot

Maybe you are looking for a costume to complete your guardians of the galaxy group.  Perhaps your little one just loves Groot (little or big).  This costume is simply adorable, and instead of saying “Trick or Treat” they can say “I am Groot”.  I can imagine the laughs now.

Little Garden Gnome

You may choose to celebrate by going door to door this year or staying at home to pass out candy.  If you are planning on sitting on your front porch why not have this little gnome out there with you?

Gotta Catch Them All

Not only can your child gain a bunch of candy while walking door to door in this costume, they can also catch pokemon and crack eggs while walking around in it!

I know I already have my pinterest board going of possible Halloween costumes for my little guy.  I hope I’ve helped you come up with some 

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