What is Fetal Macrosomia?

According to the Mayo Clinic fetal macrosomia “is used to describe a newborn who is significantly larger than average.” A baby who is weighing at least 8 lbs 13 ounces is technically diagnosed with fetal macrosomia, or as we call our son, a big baby.

While there were many things we were not ready for as first time parents, we were also not ready for some of the things that came along with having a big baby.  My husband and I were both over 10 lbs when we were born, so one of the first thoughts that crossed our minds when we found out I was pregnant was “We are going to have a big baby!Throughout the pregnancy our “little” guy measured big, he was always measuring large for his gestational age, and in the end he came out 9 lbs 13 ounces and measuring 21 inches long. In other words, absolutely perfect in our eyes.

What Do I Need for My Big Baby?

You may be asking yourself “What should I put on my baby registry?” or “What do I need to buy for my baby?” While all babies need the same types of things, diapers, clothes, a carseat, and of course the famous snot sucker, there are some items that a parent of a big baby should keep in mind that they may need sooner than other parents.

I will always remember how much fun we had registering for our baby shower. We spent hours surfing Amazon.  I would find myself going back every week and adding a new item that a mom told me I couldn’t live without.  I was so grateful for all of the advice that was given to me, because lets face it, I had no idea what I was doing or what I needed as a first time mom.  In the end I was lucky enough to have many friends and family members buy most of the items off of our registry, but I found myself surprised when my son ended up only using some of these items for a short period of time due to his large size.  We also found ourselves running out to purchase more items that he needed much sooner than we expected to. If you yourself are expecting a larger baby keep these items in mind so you are not running around at the last minute when you could be spending time at home cuddling with your cutie.

An Activity Saucer

Our pediatrician told us at the first appointment, “He will be hitting most of his milestones earlier because he is so big.” With that being said, he was holding his head up steady at three months.  We needed and to find more ways for him to play besides laying on his back or tummy, which he could only do for a few minutes at a time anyways.  With this activity saucer he was able to practice his gross motor skills by grabbing onto all the different toys.  Many of the toys also make noise which is a great way to engage your baby in play time. 


Along with a big baby comes strong arms. Since the first night at the hospital our guy hated his arms being swaddled and he would always pull them out no matter how tight we, or the nurses swaddled. We spent the first couple of weeks swaddling him with blankets until we discovered these. These swaddles are easy to use and if your little one doesn’t want their arms swaddled they can very easily stay out while the rest of their body is is wrapped up snuggly. I know in the middle of the night, after a feeding and changing a diaper, the last thing I wanted to do was to fool around with swaddling my baby in a blanket.  The more I adjusted the blanket to make sure it was tight, the more likely he was to wake up, which meant the less likely I was to be able to get back to sleep.

Large Bottles

Big babies have larger stomachs, and therefore they will be drinking more milk earlier on. I had so many 4 oz bottles and I didn’t realize how soon I would be needing the larger ones. Even with breastfeeding you need to be prepared for when you are away from your baby, or for when you want someone else to do a feeding and you can take a break. By the time our baby had hit 2 months we had packed away most of the smaller bottles and I was left to go buy a new supply.  It is important that you are stocked with all your feeding supplies because that newborn is going to want to eat often.

Items you won’t need


Newborn diapers

Don’t even bother with newborn diapers, and for that matter size 1 will not last very long either. I would suggest stocking up on size 2 and 3. We were given a ton of size 1 diapers at our shower and our baby grew out of them quickly. We ended up having unopened packages that we were left unable to use.  Once your baby grows out of a diaper size you are left rolling the dice to whether there will be a leakage issue if you keep using them, which no one wants to deal with.  Pampers swaddlers are our personal favorite, we have had the least amount of “leakage” issues with them.  One of the great things about a baby shower is DIAPERS!  You will be given many different brands and you can decide what works best for you, however it is a good idea to register for at least one kind you would like to try out just to make sure you get those specific ones.  

Newborn clothes

Forget it! Even 0-3 only lasted us a few weeks. Stock up on 3, 6, and 9 month clothes. Currently our baby is almost 4 months and we are using 9 month outfits.  Most people will bring you cute onsies that they found on their own so it may not be necessary to register for that many.  However, it has been my personal experience that we did not have many Sleep N Plays given to us.  You are going to want a decent supply of these especially for when you need to do the dreaded middle of the night changes.  I hate being half asleep and dealing with snaps, so I prefer zippers like these ones from Carter’s.

Keep in mind while it is helpful to be as prepared as possible for when it comes to having your (big) baby, life will always throw you curve balls.  Soak in those early moments because they go by very fast.

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